Simpson Strong-Tie Titen Now Available From CONFAST

The Simpson Strong-Tie Titen® Turbo screw anchor has a variety of features that make it ideal for many concrete and masonry projects.

  • The innovative Torque Reduction Channel traps drilling dust to prevent it from obstructing thread action.
  • The reverse thread design is patented and enables smooth driving with less torque while providing superior holding power.
  • The Torque Reduction Channel also allows more space for dust to help prevent anchors from bottoming out in smaller-diameter screw holes.
  • The Titen Turbo screw anchors feature a serrated leading edge to cut into concrete or masonry, and a pointed tip for fast, easy installation in wood-to-concrete and wood-to-wood anchoring applications.

The Titen Turbo screw anchor is fast and easy to install, and incredibly reliable in its performance. The secret behind the performance of the Titen Turbo lies in a thread design that lowers driving torque. The revolutionary Torque Reduction Channel between the threads gives drilling dust a place to go, thereby significantly reducing torque-related issues like binding, stripping and snapping. This screw anchor delivers consistently trouble-free installation and fastening strength you can depend on.

Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet or corrosive environments. Overtightening can create cracks in the base material. Use the Simpson Strong-Tie Titen installation tool kit which is designed to reduce the potential for over tightening the screw.

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