Reminder: MWFA Scholarship Application Open

It’s that time of the year. Could you, your spouse or dependent use an extra $1,500-plus for higher education?

One of MWFA’s membership benefits is the awarding of scholarships (minimum $1,500), for higher education. The MWFA has awarded over $950,000 from membership dues, donations & industry shows.

If you have a son or daughter that is going to be a senior in high school or in college next fall school year, please have them submit an MWFA scholarship application.  This award is also available to employees and spouses enrolled in an accredited college institution (minimum 6 hours).

Some pointers for the essay:

The committee wants to get to know the applicant as best as possible. What differentiates you from others in your peer group? What do you enjoy doing?  What have been your accomplishments—in school, church, synagogue, clubs, etc.?  Flaunt your achievements, as it tells why you are special!  What major are you leaning towards and why?  If unsure, that’s fine, just mention your goals and what you will learn while taking general ed. Courses, etc. If you’re an employee, discuss your job & how more education will benefit you & your company.  The essay should be a couple of typed pages, minimum, (grammar should be error free), and don’t hold back.

Make sure your HS/college sends your transcript with the application, ASAP. Will you, your spouse, or your child be the next recipient?

Also, if you were not successful in a previous submission, some applicants have achieved a scholarship on their second, and even third, attempt. Don’t give up!

Click HERE to open the application.

Applications are due by 09/01/2024.