New PEM® PreTect™ Available at DB Roberts Locations Nationwide

Take advantage of labor savings with the reengineered PEM® PreTect™ Threaded Masking Plugs. They are available now through your trusted hardware and fastener distributor, DB Roberts.

For parts that require painting, powder coating, or another secondary process, PEM® PreTect™ offers impressive labor and cost savings. Fasteners are shipped with plugs already in place, eliminating the time and labor needed to manually plug the part or mask threads. After finishing, the plugs are easily removed by the end users using a fine tip tool.

This protection reduces quality rejections due to compromised threads and eliminates the need for cleaning or re-tapping threads afterwards, reducing the costs and potential damage during rework. Plugs are available for standard type self-clinching nuts in a variety of thread sizes and materials.

Connect with DB Roberts and find out your cost and labor savings with PEM® PreTect™ Threaded Masking Plugs:

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