Fastener Training Institute to Present Two Training Classes at Fastener Fair USA

The Fastener Training Institute (FTI) will offer two training classes during the Fastener Fair Conference at Fastener Fair USA in May. Each class will be presented by Laurence Claus, Industrial Fasteners Institute’s Director of Education and Training.

  • The Making of Fasteners & the Cost Drivers Behind this Engineering Marvel, is planned for Tuesday, May 21, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In this full-day class, Claus will take students into the fastener manufacturing world to explore why these sometimes-underappreciated components are complex engineering marvels. Topics will include fastener production methods (cold heading, hot heading and screw machining); the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturing method; and thread rolling, grinding, machining, heat treatment and plating.
  • Lightweight Fastening Trends & Designs for Future Platforms will take place on Wednesday, May 22, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. In this half-day session, Claus will guide students on lightweight fastening trends, including how to best use technology to obtain leaner designs. Topics will include how to directly lightweight fasteners; lightweight fastener trends; using technology to obtain leaner designs; using Zinc-Nickel as a cadmium replacement; and how EVs and by-wire technologies are going to change automotive fasteners.

These classes provide an excellent opportunity for anyone traveling to Fastener Fair to incorporate training into the show. “Laurence is a tremendous instructor, and these classes include hot topics and truly fascinating information,” said Jo Morris, director of marketing for FTI.

Both classes are suitable for those in sales, engineering, quality assurance, sourcing & quoting, purchasing, marketing, management, or anyone interested in learning more about fasteners.

The cost to attend both classes is $499, or attendees can register for an All-Access badge for $600 that includes classes, exhibit hall access, admission to the opening night networking party at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and shuttle service to the networking party and factory tour at Brighton-Best International. Learn more at

Support from Star Stainless, FTI’s 2024 Trade Show Sponsor, and Würth Industry North America, FTI’s 2024 Sustaining Sponsor, help provide this quality fastener education opportunity.

The Fastener Training Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides beginning and advanced training on fastener products, standards and specifications. Its core purpose is to enhance fastener use, reliability and safety with a mission to make industry professionals more knowledgeable about the fastening products they buy, sell, specify or use. Visit

Fastener Fair USA is North America’s fastest-growing trade show and conference event for the fastener industry and the manufacturing sectors it serves. This dynamic and productive event serves as an essential marketplace drawing fastener professionals from every segment and all around the world. The event is organized by RX, a leading organizer of international trade shows and conferences. Visit