E-Z LOK Threaded Press-in Inserts for Plastics

E-Z LOK, a leading manufacturer and master distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood offers E-Z Press™ inserts.

Press-in Inserts are designed for post-molding installation in either thermoset plastics or thermoplastics. A slotted design with diamond-knurled OD allows for “cold” installation with optimum torque/pull-out resistance. When the E-Z Press™ insert is installed, it compresses slightly along the slot. As the fastener is threaded into place, the insert expands and the diamond knurl is pressed into the wall of the hole, securing the insert in place.

Cold installation of threaded inserts reduces the costs of moldings and eliminates the need to “chase” threads after molding. Furthermore, they also help cut reject waste caused by misaligned and faulty inserts and assist in proper installation without a precise hole depth.

E-Z Press™ inserts are available in three styles: flush, flanged, and reverse slot. All three types press into place for fast, easy installation. Anything from a rubber mallet to an arbor press can be used for installation.


CAD files on this product can be downloaded in over 100 file formats from the E-Z LOK website at